Alexandra Colmenares Cossio (Lima, 1986) is an artist and photographer based in Brussels. Her curiosity leads her to experiment and communicate with installations, performances, video and photography.
Alexandra’s recent approach and dialogue with nature allow her to seek and find her body's connections with trees and their regeneration.

Alexandra Colmenares Cossio

"If a tree falls in a forest, and there's no one around to hear it, does it make any sound?" (Brussels 2022)

According to Suzanne Simard, trees are corporeality, time, place, and shelter. They perceive each other, learn and adapt their behaviours, recognize their neighbours and remember the past.

Within the residence framework, my body, like a tree, adapts to the space and creates a series of small projects, like minor ramifications, starting from a central piece called 'Dendrochronology'. A large branch carries with it the testimony, the circular trace of time, my personal and physical process that began a year and a half ago when I picked up this large branch to start 'Never its trunk straightens'.
This is a project that collects the experience of grief.

Alexandra Colmenares Cossio

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