The Green Corridor welcomes Jolien Naeyaert for the second part of her residency, titled: drawing_by_hand_dancing_writing_improvising_on_ my_piano_listening_sleeping_dreaming_imagining_ together_

Jolien Naeyaert

“The hand of the architect drawing lines on a piece of paper is related to the body of a dancer searching for a yet unseen choreography. In that way, sketching during the design process is a way of improvising. Because how can you draw what you don’t know yet? How can you write what you cannot yet put into words? How can you move differently than before?”

(translated quote from Dutch text: ‘Ontwerpen van binnenuit’, Jolien Naeyaert, 2018, A+274 Representation).

An engineer architect, and visual artist, Jolien Naeyaert researches alternative ways of exploring and representing architectural places. Focusing on different media, she looks for ways to approach places actively. The act of experience, of really being at a particular place and discovering - through the presence of
your whole body - what lives at that specific place, is essential for her work. Currently, she lives in Brussels and has a studio at Level Five Brussels.

You can find the full press release here and the notes of Juan Duque on the practices of Jolien Naeyaert here.