November 2022 Residency Toon Fibbe

Open Doors Friday 17 December 2022


Toon Fibbe

Conversing and intersecting physical and ethereal realities, Toon Fibbe investigated the relationships between financial speculation, meteorological forces and visual seduction. He has adapted The Magic Lantern, a 1720 play by Denis Carolet, into an animatronic operetta responding to the first large-scale stock market crash.

Toon presented fragments of scenes and a mise-en- scene from the animatronic operetta tentatively called ‘HOT AIR, or the devil dressed in paper’. It is based on a 1720 play by Denis Carole that responds to the first large scale stockmarket crash. At the time of writing ‘windtrade’ or ’trading in wind’ - became a common way to refer to the then shockingly new immateriality of stock market trading. 

In the play the windgod Eolus is therefore invoked as a personification of this new, speculative commerce and declares: “My goal is to create phenomena, airs, winds fogs; I will give rain the consistency of gold! (...) with optical illusions I will make people see the most surprising things that perspective allows.”