April 2023 Residency Federico Protto
Sunday 16 April

October 2023 Residency Federico Protto
Performance Lecture
with Jimena Pérez Salerno & Carolina Menconça
Sunday 12 November

@faeioudaeiou / federicoprotto.com

Federico Protto

Federico Protto enriched our imagination with MAPA: PIRIÁPOLIS, a performance lecture in which he transported images, emotions and landscapes of the Uruguayan culture and landscape to The Green Corridor in Saint-Gilles.

Federico Protto
’s artistic practice unfolds across performance, sound, fashion, and research. Spanning
a hybrid network of materialities, practices, and collaborators, he aims at contributing to im/material forms and tools for decolonial kinship.
These forms and tools are invoked at proto-esoteric gatherings (such as the work ‘Dress-Rehearsals’ 2022), blends of performance, workshop, and installation, addressing ancestry, migration, and continuity collectively. Texts, songs, dances, languages, costumes, objects, paintings, and audio-visual works are activated through instinct, impulse, humour and spontaneity. The multidisciplinary work harbours methods atypical to the global north, nourished by ethno-ecological, queer, and subcultural thought and approach. His close and longterm collaborators are, among others, Stefan Cantante, Anna Lugmeier, Myriam Van Imschoot, and Lisa Deml.