April Residency Queer Commons
with Niall Plumb

Open Doors Saturday 29 April / Sunday 30 April

@world.queer / @liqvidsilver

Queer Commons

Some Body Else is an artistic, ethnographic research project by Queer Commons which explores nudity through audio, (self-) reflection and dialogue.

We are born naked and vulnerable into a body that we cannot choose. We go to work, we brush our teeth, sleep, eat, medicate, com home, we tire, we get hurt and we heal, we love and are loved, we touch and are touched... Our bodies become extensions of our minds, they become metaphors for our emotions, they convey our thoughts and feelings consciously and unconsciously... And despite being the literal embodiment of us, we often neglect them, command them against their will, or totally forget about them and the duty of care that we have towards them.

The body is an archive of our experiences and if we start sharing the volumes contained within, we may get just a little closer to caring for, learning about, and remembering our bodies as extensions of us.

Some Body Else is an exhibition of a series of naked conversations featuring a diverse range of bodies and identities. Nudity is used to remind us of how we are born and to strip us of the differences that separate us. These bodies share what it is like to inhabit them, their histories and lived experiences.

Queer Commons are Alex Auris, Niall Plumb & Noémie Korthals Altes