November 2023 Residency Jeff H. Sermon

Screenings on 26 November
Open Doors 10 December
Film loopings and public readings


Jeff H. Sermon

Jeff H. Sermon (1993) is an artist and filmmaker based in Brussels, Belgium, who is currently studying for his Master's degree in audiovisual arts at L'ERG (Ecole de recherche graphique) after completing his Bachelor's degree at the film department of Sint Lukas. In his work, he explores different media, such as text, photography, and film. Within these, he explores the triangle formed by time, landscape, and social relationships.

To what extent are our identities shaped by the landscape in which we grew up and still live?

Jeff is haunted by Avery F. Gordon’s statement, "the ghost is not simply a dead or missing person, but a social figure, and its study can lead to that dense place where history and subjectivity make up social life,"  and tries to unearth these ghosts and see the traces left behind.

Is a habit a ghost inherited from the past? How are we shaped by those who came before us?

Working with different media, Jeff chases the ghost in the landscape shaped by time and habit.