October 2023 Residency Elia Castino

Open Doors Saturday 4 November / Sunday 5 November
Performance 4 November



Elia Castino

Elia Castino (1992) is a Piedmontese artist with a Mediterranean heart. He is interested in the threshold between the house and the home. In his practice, he explores the construction of the everyday, crafting scenarios that present another idea of inhabiting.

In the process of creating his work he combines conceptual and practical aspects, keeping a rhythm of manual thinking and intellectual making. The materials employed are collected as an ongoing gesture of harvesting offerings from his surroundings. The use of such resources - leftovers and nature - wish to be an antidote to the consumerist dynamics inherent to Western society.

Overall, his work embodies an idea of space that unravels through an act of fabulation, where the dimension of Kairological time - in ancient Greece the time of opportunities and events - interlaces with the cyclical succession of events.

He lives in a stilt house on a mud island surrounded by a silver river in between Amsterdam, Brussels and Agliano Terme.