Residency Inga Gerner Nielsen & Immaterial Lake

15 December 2023 - 6 January 2024

@ingagerner / @immaterial__lake

Inga Gerner Nielsen’s work with one-to-one performances installations is dedicated to making the invisible visible. During her residency she will highlight and explore what it means and needs to give space for the presence of immaterial entities. The invisible and emotional labour part this work is put in focus by mirroring it with another profession.

Open Books ‘In the Mirror of Care Work
15 December / 15.30 - 17.30
Readings and conversation : In The Mirror of Care Work, a book Inga has recently edited with choreographer Ar Utke Acs and published with Tabloid Press.

A dress rehearsal for turning into lobby/ist:
19 December / 14:00 - 15.30 guided by Gilles Hellemans, Inga and Johannes, the two founders of the Immaterial Lake project. Inga & Johannes will try on his fetish for lobbies as a way to build a desire for a new way of working to bring back the flow of water. You are invited to come to watch or them get dressed, if it might appeal to you, to take part in the rehearsal.

A workshop on NGO lobbying for The Immaterial Lake
22 December / 13.00 - 16:00
guided by Roshan Di Poppu who will share her expertise from working with NGO lobbying in Brussels. You are invited to come by and hear how she helps Inga and Johannes Maria Schmit map the local, regional, national, as well as trans-national partners and stakeholders could be in working politically to bring back what could be the biggest lake in Northern Jutland, Denmark.