January Residency Thomas Hitchcock

Open Doors 3 February, 16:00 - 20:00

Performative reading at 18:00


Trained as a sculptor, the materials and objects Thomas Hitchcock uses in his work carry an authenticity that emanates beyond them. In his artistic practice he combines elaborately crafted works with found objects that he displays as such or which he enhances through small staged actions.

Tapping into our collective cultural knowledge and strongly focusing on the ideas that surround the objets trouvés, materials or motifs he uses, he tries to create a complex situation in which the state and the different characteristics of being an object are questioned and put into focus.

Through the methodology of fragmentation, mimicry and re-enchantment, whilst taking on and amplifying the intricate meaning of a certain thing, he creates a dense and even contradictory set of conversations drawing the viewer to a more structural point of encounter.

During the January residency period, Thomas took the time to look at certain works and plunge into key elements of his own practice, engaging in conversations with the materials and research for a possible publication later in 2024.

At the Open Doors, Thomas will share a selection of existing works in dialogue with the spaces of The Green Corridor Brussels. He will also address questions around his current practice and meandering thoughts on objecthood, agency, narrative and performativity in his own work.