The Green Corridor is a place for active thinking located in Saint-Gilles, Brussels.

Our situated practices and activities focus on collaborative knowledge generation and exchange approaches within the locality and beyond. We aim to challenge what art, design and spatial practices can be and do for a wide range of audiences, including researchers, artists, architects, design thinkers, social activists, practicians and the local communities of Saint-Gilles.


The Green Corridor places peer-to-peer dialogue and collective-knowing-by-doing at the heart of its approach. It aims to trigger the constitution of a collaborative cultural programme that creates possibilities for exploration and community-making through situated practices.


Our activities focus on collaborative, process-driven approaches and practices for knowledge generation. Instead of thematising topics of contemporary interest, we understand cultural programming as the crossing and friction of diverse creative and knowledge conditions, enabling spaces for collective imagination to emerge. In this spirit, a monthly residency format is organised with the intention to overlap knowledge and practices.


The monthly residents – researchers, artists, designers, architects, curators, writers, social activists etc. – can become part of a transient community: exchanging, conversing and learning in a supportive and research-intensive atmosphere. We create situations where people, objects, materials and discourses converge through diverse curatorial gestures, including public discussions, screenings, exhibitions, research processes, performances, books, publication launches, and various social, dialogical …


The Green Corridor invites residents to draw from the situatedness at Rue de Bosnie 102 in Saint-Gilles, Brussels. A contextual, vibrant, urban condition informed by locals with Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Moroccan, Latin American, Belgian and Polish roots living together in Brussels. This relational and interconnected reality intends to be the basis for our activities, informing our engagement with diverse local and global temporalities.

The Green Corridor is run by Juan Duque and Sam De Vocht.