January 2023 Residency Hadrien Loumaye

Open Doors Friday 20 January 2023 

InviteesvAlexane Sanchez, 
Clément-Jacques Vossen & mccloud zicmuse

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Hadrien Loumaye

In Hadrien’s practice, painting experimentation
takes different forms, from paintings to murals.
He intertwines different scales and supports where certain pictorial gestures are reused in other mediums, such as drawing, to approach these artistic disciplines differently. At The Green Corridor, Hadrien presents an ongoing site-specific intervention, generating situated pictorial gestures to activate particular architectural features at the residency space.

For his Open Doors, Hadrien invited performers Alexane Sanchez and Emmanuel-Jacques Vossen with McCloud Zicmuse. 

“ça parle d’un rapport au réel, d’une tension avec la conscience, c’est sonore, presque théâtrale obscur... comme une tentative de se tenir à la limite du langage.” @sanchezalexane

“The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning. Clement Jacques-Vossen and mcCloud Zicmuse are not deconstructing folklore they are reconstructing it. Taking into account the last few years of carnavallessness, they have decided to make a game: op sehnor prins. A costumed fool misbehaving is punished by the public. Sounds simple but it’s up to you for it to work.”

The artistic practice of Hadrien Loumaye is essentially focused on the relationship between gesture and colour. In his pictorial work, movement is the direct witness of a particular physical energy; The various color arrangements present in his paintings give shape to a transparent state; they are arranged in such a way as to awaken emotions in the viewer. There is a desire to get closer to the freest expression of psychology.