June 2023 Resident Lucía Coz

Open Doors Saturday 25 June / Saturday 1 July
‘Momentary is the Warm Light Coming Through the Window.’ 


Lucía Coz

‘Everything that takes up space in our memory and then is no longer remembered continues to occupy the same space. Oblivion and its supposed emptiness, although it may seem invisible, occupies space.

What is the cycle of memory, and what is the cycle of forgetting?
What happens when someone does not know what it is to forget?
How is it that drawing has the capacity to retain the memory?

We forget as a method of survival, but nothing that is lived is forgotten, even if you no longer remember it.

This project attempts to turn drawing into a
tool for the re-activation of memory through the recognition of forgetting as a memory in itself. Drawing as a tool to fill the void, as a response in exchange for the non-memories that accompany us and as a repetitive action, which with its nature of visual emptiness (black colour) reclaims its place in the timeline, as I said: forgetting also occupies space and this space will be occupied by drawing.’

Lucía Coz
is an engraver, illustrator, and muralist who uses drawing to capture nature and portray the human being in relation to their space. She graduated in 2016 from the PUCP (Lima, Peru) and has worked as a freelance artist in the field of illustration, art direction and muralism, in addition to developing her practice and personal research in contemporary drawing.