ARTEMYS revival

During the residency at The Green Corridor,
Mary Szydłowska explores the entanglements of affect, erotics, identity & architecture.

‘When I first visited Galerie Bortier, I quickly realised that the space was a huge tunel with nearly no fallic elements in it. It was more than clear that Galerie Bortier was an architectural vulva, and the touch was a way to explore and be it.’

In collaboration with Anna Lugmeier, filmmaker and scenographer, „ARTEMYS revival”
grows through practices of walking together, perceiving urban surroundings together and activating possible femme narratives through cinematographic tools and through bodies, human and non-human ones.

‘ARTEMYS revival’ is a continuation of a project WARM BODIES initiated by Alex Auris and Queer Commons. Mary Szydłowska joined WARM BODIES upon invitation in Spring 2022.

Mary Szydłowska with Anna Lugmeier

Mary Szydłowska is a choreographer, performer and cinematographer. Their practice feeds on the notions of the peripheral, withdrawn and invisible phenomena followed within architectural spaces and institutional environments. The performative works created by Szydłowska expand into object and video installations, where performing body renders visible the embodied aspects of environments we live in.