January Residency Liselore Vandeput

The Artist Travel Agency

Open Doors 28 January, 16:00 - 20:00


Liselore Vandeput

‘The Artist Travel Agency’ is a performative installation delving into the artist’s work-life dynamics. Originating from the artist’s introspection on sustainability in art, it tackles the systemic issue of overwork among artists. This interactive environment serves as a research hub, probing the artist economy and balance between work and leisure.

Through data collection and tangible offerings like discount tickets for leisure activities, the installation spotlights the blurred lines between work and free time. It aims to bridge the artistic and social realms, shedding light on artists’ need for equitable access to support services often overlooked. This approach not only addresses personal sustainability but also aims to prompt a broader societal conversation about the well-being of artists. “The Artist Travel Agency” acts as a catalyst for reevaluating societal perceptions of artistic work, advocating for better recognition of artists’ needs within larger support structures.

Liselore Vandeput, Based in Brussels, graduated from the MA program at LUCA School of Arts (2021). She blends art and social work, exploring community issues, and fostering dialogues that challenge societal norms. With a focus on the artist’s well-being, Liselore explores the balance between artistic work and leisure. As co-founder of MOTA000 (with Eszter Nemethi and Julia Rubies), they create spaces for cross-disciplinary exchanges. Her art delves into power dynamics, education, media, and personal narratives, illuminating the intersection of art and society.