April 2023 Residency Anabel Boissonneault

Open Doors Sunday 23 April 


Anabel Boissonneault & invitees

I Am Dreaming Again is a performance in the making by Anabel Boissonneault where five master craftsmen work through a protocol. The score dictates the use of materials and opens up the possibilities of shaping. Gesture after gesture, a space is created. Mosaic, stained glass, textile, steel and wood express themselves as interior materials. The intention is to bring the contruction’s processes to life and highlight the forgotten disciplines within the context of today.

With support of Cellule Architecture, Cellule Mode & Design of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles” & Imprimerie Brussels

Anabel Boissonneault is an interior architect and scenographer with a Bachelor in Environmental Design (UQAM, Montréal, 2013), a Master in Arts (2017) and a postgraduate diploma in Interior Architecture from ENSAV-La Cambre Brussels (2021).

Last fall, Anabel B brought together a team of crafters to re-enact an existing space with an open protocol. She will now show the work-in-progress result of her research I Am Dreaming Again.
This first experimentation was made in collaboration with Aeris Raymaekers, Estelle Chatelin, Camille Meslay, Jordi Dolinckx, Yannick Castagna & Lior Depape.